A Private New Deal

A Private New Deal

I stumbled across a news story that highlights why I have never been particularly concerned about Global Climate Warming Change. Actually I never really worried about the actual climate because it’s all just a theory based on computer models that have never been right about anything. What has been mildly worrying is how politicians use the climate theories as an excuse to violate individual rights and accumulate more power.

Here’s the answer to Representative AOC’s Green New Deal. A privately held and funded company in Canada has developed a commercial process that will essentially suck CO2 out of the air and recycle it into fuel for diesel engines and airplanes.

A commercial negative-emissions plant by Carbon Engineering would occupy 30 acres of land and scrub one megaton of CO2 from the atmosphere per year, which Oldham said is equivalent to planting 40 million trees.

Carbon Engineering has also developed another process it calls “air to fuels” which uses the carbon it captures and turns it into fuels that can power existing cars and trucks.

If the two technologies are used together, the company believes it can create a “closed loop” of carbon emissions, where the carbon that is emitted from the “air to fuels” process is the same carbon that had already been collected.

I will not be at all surprised to see governments stepping in to shut this technology down. Solving Global Climate Warming Change is not something private for-profit businesses should be doing. This technology is a serious threat to the possibility that they can quench their thirst for power.

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