All Present and Unaccountable

All Present and Unaccountable

As promised the Senate held a vote on the Democratic resolution for a Green New Deal. As expected the Democrats objected to having a vote on their own proposal.

Seems rather silly to propose a resolution that you don’t want to ever come up for a vote. It makes it seem like you’re not all that serious about the issue and it’s all just posturing and show. The danger in doing that is people may start to think that have no principles.

The Bottom Line

Representative Full Stop and the Democrats have told us that we have 12 years to save the planet and if we don’t take serious action in the next ten we are doomed. They have described it as the equivalent of the existential threat faced in World War II. They claim it requires a national effort dwarfing the Apollo Program.

Faced with the end of the world as we know it and a chance to do something about it, the democrats (with 4 exceptions) voted “Present.”

Either they just don’t care if we all die, or secretly they do understand science and know that Global Climate Warming Change is just a scare tactic they are using to get more power.

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