Assuming A Climate Change Premise

Assuming A Climate Change Premise

Columnist Mona Charen has an interesting piece up on Patriot Post highlighting how the Green New Deal has damaged the cause of Climate Change Activism by showing it for what it really is.

The caricature of environmentalists is that they are just using climate change as a stalking horse for their true agenda, which is to socialize the entire economy. And lo and behold, what does the Green New Deal resolution call for? Net zero carbon emissions in 10 years, universal health care, guaranteed jobs for all, paid family leave, paid vacations, refurbishing every single building in the country to meet environmental standards, eliminating nuclear power and on and on. In fact, most of the resolution doesn’t even address climate change.

The column then goes on to discuss how the Green New Deal and the Members Global Warming Consensus universally reject nuclear power as a means of generating carbon free electricity.

As Samuel Thernstrom of the Energy Innovation Reform Project points out, renewables get all the love, but they are simply incapable of meeting the energy demands of our whole economy. It’s not because the sun goes down at night and the wind doesn’t always blow. It’s because in some regions, the sun gets weak and the wind stops blowing for months at a time. Batteries are advancing, but not fast enough to make an all-renewables power grid practical for some time.

In this section Charen assumes the premise that Warmists have any interest at all in meeting the energy demands of our economy. I see no reason in their rhetoric to make that assumption. I do not think they would have any issue with crippling energy production and having our economy shrink to fit.

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