Empty Virtue Signalling

Empty Virtue Signalling

Dick’s Sporting Goods is trying to send the appropriate virtue signals to the left on guns, but are really just demonstrating typical leftist hypocrisy.

After taking a 3.1% hit in sales for dropping “assault weapons” (i.e. scary looking semi-automatic rifles) they ran a market test in which they removed all firearms from 10 stores.

The test went well enough that they are going to expand the number of gun free zones to 125 stores. Because guns are bad.

There is of course the issue of the other 575 stores where they will sell guns. According to Dick’s CEO Ed Stack:

The selected gun-free stores will be in carefully selected markets where hunting isn’t as popular.

Apparently virtue signalling is fine right up until it might actually cost them something.

Full Disclosure: I fully support the Second Amendment. I fully support Dick’s right to sell or not sell whatever they want in whichever stores they choose. I fully support the management of Disk’s Sporting Goods being 100% anti gun ownership. I have utter contempt for the hypocrisy and complete lack of moral courage and consistency.

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