Halloween Crime Spree!

Halloween Crime Spree!

The lurid headline of the Hartford Courant perfectly encapsulates the level of stupidity in modern culture.

Police, FBI investigating ‘hate-filled flyers’ found on Western Connecticut State University campus

The story recounts the righteous indignation of university President, John Clark:

“I want to state directly and without equivocation that if any member of our university community is found to be party to these revolting actions they will be subject to the severest disciplinary actions, including dismissal as well as possible civil and criminal actions.”

I have spent some time searching the interwebs for more details on this crisis but found nothing more than what the Courant reported. Someone posted fliers on campus that read “It’s OK to be white,” and “Islam is right about women.”

That’s it. That’s all that happened. Someone put up some fliers with deliberately triggering but otherwise innocuous language and the police and FBI are investigating.

Investigating what? The criminal stupidity of college students and administrators who reacted like toddlers who dropped their binky?

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