Injustice for all

Injustice for all

I remember this quote well, but unfortunately I cannot recall the name of its author. If you know it, the comments are open!

“Department of Justice” is a label not a description.

The DOJ has reached a settlement with a Virginia organization to pay a $321,000 fine. CFA Institute got into trouble with the DOJ for hiring foreigners instead of US citizens. Apparently this is considered illegal discrimination.

This is of course being cheered by “conservatives.” Remember when conservatives were more in favor of free markets? One comment at Breitbart summed up the New Right perfectly:

Wow. A win for the DOJ civil rights division we can all be proud of.

Proud? Hardly. Disgusted? Absolutely.

The primary role of the government, and particularly the Department of Justice, should be the protection of individual rights. What rights were violated by CFA’s hiring decision?

Does an individual have a right to a job based simply on the fact that they were born in this country? As near as I can tell, the ONLY job for which being born in the United States is a qualification is the presidency.

The only violation of rights I see in this case is the one being committed by the government violating the rights of the CFA Institute. They should be free to hire whomever they wish at whatever terms both parties find agreeable.

Consider this thought experiment. You are running a company and you need to hire someone to do some work for you. You have two candidates for the position and both are equally capable of doing the required work at the level of quality you need. Hiring Candidate A will cost you a good deal more than hiring Candidate B. Which one will you hire?

I would choose Candidate B every time. But if Candidate B happens to be born outside of the U.S I could be committing a crime.

The troubling irony of this is President Trump is repeating his claim that America will never be a socialist country while his supporters cheer and celebrate this DOJ trampling of rights as something we can be proud of.

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