Pots & kettles

Pots & kettles

I haven’t written anything about the impeachment charade currently playing out in the House of Representatives (I haven’t written much about anything actually) so I thought I would do my part as an amateur pundit and weigh in.

The allegation against Trump is that he inappropriately used his office for his own personal political benefit by trying to pressure the government of Ukraine to investigate Democrat Joe Biden. Do I think this is true? Certainly. Do I think this is the only time Trump has used his office to benefit himself personally or politically? Certainly not.

The question that never seems to be asked is who is there in Congress who has any standing to honestly be critical of this? Is there anyone of them who has not used their position for their own personal or political benefit?

It has become almost cliche to quote Star Wars when referring to the federal government, but something only becomes a cliche by being an oft-stated and obvious truth.

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