The Report of the 1776 Commission

The Report of the 1776 Commission

In the first minutes of the Biden Administration eliminated the 1776 commission established by President Trump and removed the commission’s report from the White House website.

One of the few things Trump did that I supported was the establishment of the 1776 Commission as a counterpoint to the vacuous 1619 Project foisted on the public by the New York Times and pushed into the education system by far-left politicians and “educators.” Regardless of the makeup of the commission and the content of the report – full disclosure I have not read it yet – this represents a surprisingly appropriate response from Trump in particular and government in general.

There were no hearings, no legislation, no attempt to use force to coerce or punish. Trump established a commission to counter one set of ideas with another set of ideas. Given the man’s range of the moment anti-intellectual pragmatism it was a truly surprising approach.

Since the Biden administration has taken it down I feel compelled to take this small step to help make sure that it is always available to anyone who wants it. I’m sure there are many copies posted all over the internet now there is one more. Just because.

It’s officially next on my reading list.

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