The Victimhood of the Elite

The Victimhood of the Elite

Kamala Harris recently dropped out of the campaign for the Democrat Party Presidential Nomination. Given the entirely authoritarian nature of her political positions, I cannot say this anything but great news.

She and her supporters, however, cannot seem to grasp the idea that she could not garner any support for her campaign due to the ideas she espoused. To them, she is a victim of racism and sexism. It seems the Democrats are just unwilling to allow a “woman of color” to run for president under their banner.

Harris is the former Attorney General for the State of California and currently sitting Senator for the state. This position arguably puts her in the top 500 most powerful people in the American government. She is probably among the 1,000 (2,000) most politically powerful people in the country. This probably puts her in the top 1%-2% in power globally.

But she’s a victim of racism and sexism? I call bullshit.

She’s a victim of her own warped identity politics ideology. Her failure as a candidate cannot be her fault, it’s is because of her group identities. Her own shortcomings as a candidate and as a human being are something she dare not contemplate.

She needs to collect her participation trophy, shut up and go away.

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